De-fogged These are our translations of existing published work because we believe they need to be made more readable. Our aim is to translate them from the language of academic and scholar to that of practicing manager. These are all stored in the category De-fogged.

If you look at the volume of research and published items coming out of the world’s universities and research centres you will be amazed. There is so much first class work going on. The problem is too often it is hidden in publications that you have never heard of and have neither the time nor the will to find. Now, we could simply point you to those places, and some times we do that. Sadly, when we do their length, language, style and even layout often makes them heavy going for people whose daily life needs as much clarity as possible. We are working to de-fog these items so that you can see their true value. We want you to be able to use as many of the models, insights and ideas as you need without struggling through the mist.

Link to de-fogged articles and stories



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