Our purpose
Information is increasingly available in the modern world. Regrettably this is not true of knowledge. Support to the development of actionable management wisdom and discernment remain in short supply.

The goal of intelligent pencil is to help busy leaders and managers make sense of the debates, ideas and developments emerging in scholarly and popular publications that are of value to them. We aim to facilitate the sharing of knowledge with and between leaders and managers working in the “real world”, where ever it is.

We are keen to:

  • Lower the fog index surrounding academic ideas and insights to enable leaders and managers, who are too busy to wade through the intellectual treacle themselves, to get to the good stuff.
  • Keep past useful ideas and actions on the contemporary agenda.
  • Suggest ways of converting academic ideas and theories into practical thoughts and actions.
  • Keep an eye open for interesting thoughts and useful ideas we can suggest to leaders and managers.
  • Promote debate, shape action and start implementation by leaders and managers.
  • Stimulate and energise visitors to share their thoughts with others and to generate useful ideas and practical actions for use in today’s business world.
  • Enable you offer your thoughts, ideas, stories, hints and tips to managers at all levels that they will find interesting, useful and sometimes amusing.
  • Stimulate and energise managers into new thought processes that generate useful ideas and practical actions for use in today’s business world.
  • Give students of management ammunition for the seminar, workshop or workplace.
  • Encourage the use of storytelling and metaphor to help bring the message alive for visitors.

This website is designed for:

  • Business leaders looking for more inspiration in leading the senior team.
  • Executives on the senior team who are looking to stand out in the boardroom.
  • Middle and junior managers looking to stand out from the pack and get ahead at this point in their career.
  • Trainers and developers will be able to build aspects of stories and anecdotes into in their role.
  • MBA students who will delight at the insights the thoughts give to their understanding of a case study they have been set.

Features & Stories
The site carries features and stories from people who have useful ideas and thoughts that resonate with leaders and managers. We are continually looking for stories that generate a ‘yeah I know just what you mean‘ or a ‘how right you are’ kind of moment. Others may provoke a ‘you have got to be kidding‘ feeling and some may provoke the thought that ‘you know they’ve got something there’. Whatever reaction they provoke all the features and stories are designed help managers make sense of their working lives and the problems they face on a daily basis.

Making contact
The site accommodates all media from video, audio and the written word. If you have anything you would like us to consider for publication please email it to editor@intelligentpencil.com. If it is too big to email we have found the site www.wetransfer.com extremely easy and efficient to use.

Site images
Our use of pictures on the site is designed to make it bright for you but they also reflect our fascination with the universe and the awe-inspiring beauty of it all. We just want to share them with you and remain eternally grateful to the organisations and individuals who provide them.

The editor-in-chief of the site Paul Frost BA (Hons.), MSc., PhD. Born in the UK in 1954 Paul has been engaged in education, development and research for over thirty five years. He has worked with the employees of many well known large organisations and with those from the SME sector in the UK and overseas. Paul is an expert in innovation and development of individuals and organisations. He has a fundamental understanding of the underpinning principles of learning upon which much of leadership and management are based. He has been involved in several scholarly or business focused writing projects over the years. He is currently Director of the Hastings Campus of the University of Brighton.

IP Ed.

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